Whole home remodeling:

Your home should be a place where you feel cared for, comfortable, and content. To put it plainly: your house should be place you love coming home to. Do you? Consider these questions for a moment:

  • Is your home functional?
  • Does your layout fit your life?
  • Do you like the style?
  • Is your home meeting your current and future needs?

Since you're here, exploring the whole home remodeling services page of a custom remodeler, the answer to at least one of those questions is probably no. That's okay; in fact, it's normal. But it doesn't have to be your normal.

Whole home remodeling presents an unparalleled opportunity. It's like getting a brand new home, except you don't have to pack up and move. Stay inside the house, neighborhood, and area you love while getting a space you’ve always dreamed of. Refresh the look and layout of your home by remodeling with a Salem contractor like Kraft Custom Construction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whole home remodeling is a massive, albeit rewarding, undertaking. You must know what you're getting yourself into before starting the remodeling process. The more informed you are, the better decisions you can make for your family and your home.

Our clients ask a lot of questions at Kraft Custom Construction — and we like that! Let's review our answers to three of the most common questions we get from homeowners considering whole home remodeling.

1. How Much Does Whole Home Remodeling in Salem, OR Cost?

The most accurate way to estimate cost is by getting specific about your remodeling project goals with a remodeling contractor in Salem, OR. However, you may not be ready to take that step yet. Instead, you can start to set your cost expectations by reviewing the price ranges associated with the individual home remodeling projects you're planning. For example, if your home remodel includes a significant kitchen update and minor bathroom changes, it’s helpful to understand typical costs for those projects and then factor them into your budget accordingly. Use this Salem Remodeling Cost Guide for your calculations.

It's also helpful to examine the main factors that impact home remodeling costs. We'll list those factors here, but we elaborate more in our whole home remodeling cost blog.

Factors that Impact Remodeling Cost:

  • Location
  • Project scale
  • Home size, age, and condition
  • Quality of materials used
  • Labor
  • Length of project

2. How Long Does Whole Home Remodeling Take? 

Remodeling your entire home requires you to invest more than just money; time is also a commitment. The timeline for whole home remodeling is much lengthier than the few weeks it takes for minor remodeling projects. In general, expect to spend at least three months to sometimes over a year, depending on the scale of your remodel. Your remodel may wrap quickly if it only entails cosmetic improvements. Making structural or layout changes, additions, repairs, and other intensive alterations increases project length.

3. Is Whole Home Remodeling Worth It? 

We covered the financial and time commitment whole home remodeling requires. Now, it’s up to you to decide whether the results are worth the investment. Visit our portfolio to see the power whole home remodeling has to create lasting homes our clients love.

Kraft’s process and expertise allow homeowners to customize their homes to the utmost extent. You can create a refined aesthetic while adding personalized rooms, as these clients did with a massage studio. Use these projects as inspiration and imagine the final product of your whole home remodel. Is the final product worth the time and money that go into remodeling? That question is up to you to answer. But for our clients and us, it's an easy yes!


Home Remodeling For Your Life 

Even with the image of your remodeled home clearly in mind, you may still have some reservations. It’s no secret that remodeling can cause a significant, yet temporary, disruption to your life; that alone may be enough to discourage you from moving toward your goals.

Don't let it. Home remodeling is a smooth, enjoyable experience when working with a close-knit team like Kraft Custom Construction. Other Salem contractors can only meet a portion of your remodeling needs. On the other hand, we have 40 years of remodeling under our belts and the services to match, from new construction to renovations, basement or attic conversions, additions, etc.

We also have a comprehensive process that starts with you. An in-depth consultation delving into every detail of your home and remodeling goals helps you understand your options. Then you decide how to move forward, and we turn your ideas into action.

Our services don't stop at your home. We believe it's our responsibility to provide a comfortable client experience. You get assistance planning living arrangements during your remodel and project planning services. We're there to answer your questions, calm your concerns, and further assist you in any way we can.

Visit our video gallery to see what it’s like to achieve your goals with Kraft Custom Construction and contact us today to start accomplishing yours. 


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