At Kraft Custom Construction, Inc., we take pride in our custom home building and remodeling process. We not only design, build, and customize every project in the Salem and Portland metro regions to your unique needs using custom-built, sustainable methods and materials; we design, build, and customize your experience.

COMMUNICATION. We are effective in, and committed to, communication. For us, there’s no such thing as over-communication. We love hearing what you have to say and enjoy asking lots of questions so everything gets done right the first time.

TEAMWORK. We take a team-centered approach to remodeling. We work with a variety of designers and architects, and consciously select the best fit for each project. You are also an integral part of the custom home remodeling process, a part of the team. We can’t do it without you, and we wouldn’t want to.

PASSION. We enjoy challenging designs, passionate customer service, expert innovation, and ingenuity. We give meticulous attention to every detail of your project. If it can be imagined, we want to do it!

EASE. We want you to have a fun experience as well as enjoy all the designers, contractors, and tradespeople working on your project. You’ll be seeing us a lot as we work around your home. We make the process easy by being sensitive to your daily routines, respecting your personal space, and maintaining a strict schedule.




Your vision is an integral part of our custom home building and remodeling process. We work alongside you as a trusted adviser and open-minded teammate, helping you define what you want and need, down to every last detail. It all starts with an initial meeting to determine the scope of the project. We ask you lots of questions and invite you to do the same; understanding each other’s expectations is key. If we decide we are a right fit for one another, we move on to planning your project.



Now that we’ve decided to work together, we enter into a Planning Agreement, which is separate from the Construction Agreement. The reason we have separate agreements is simple: we want to completely define your project and develop a firm price for your approval, before we start construction.

When you sign the Planning Agreement, you give us the go-ahead to walk through your home to assess existing conditions, produce drawings based on your goals, look at material and product pricing, contact the best trade contractors to work on your project, and determine an initial time frame for completion. Our team works hard to obtain accurate information and plan for your project during this phase; therefore, this is a fee-based service. This small up-front investment in planning is inarguably worthwhile in the end, as it saves you time, money, and uncertainty during the construction phase.

Allocating time to the planning phase allows us to work as a team to create a plan you love; a plan that fits your needs, wants, and budget. Whether you want top-notch finishes or prefer to work backward from a budget, this phase eliminates any uncertainties before construction begins – meaning no headaches or surprises down the line!



Using real information gathered during the Planning Agreement phase, we create an individualized project proposal that details the full scope of work, project schedule, and a firm price to complete the work. This means you’ll get an accurate price that will not fluctuate throughout the project.

From there, we discuss all the details and, again, answer any questions you may have about the custom home building process. Once everyone is excited and ready to proceed, we sign the Construction Agreement and start building!



This is where you get to kick back and trust everything is being taken care of, because it is! Our highly-experienced Field Superintendent oversees every detail of your project and will be your new best friend until your project is complete.

We are meticulous in our project management – everything from communication, timeliness, efficiency, anticipating issues, and heading them off before they start – we make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. A day-by-day schedule ensures we have planned your project out to a specific completion date and guarantees quality control. We communicate with regularly, so you always know what’s happening.



Welcome home! Your kitchen remodel, bathroom expansion, basement conversion or {insert your dream project here!} is better than you could have imaged. Kraft Custom Construction, Inc. was there throughout the entire process. We did a final walk-through and every detail has been taken care of. You are so glad you didn’t go with that other contractor, the one with the rock bottom prices and vague contracts. It was done right the first time, and you couldn’t be happier!


“We have had such mixed results with other home remodeling projects and contractors, but this experience has been wonderful. Thank you for all your efforts, your effective communication, and your attention to detail. The workers have been courteous and helpful, and generally kept the place as neat and as functional as possible.“ –K.L., (client)

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