Why remodel your bathroom?

A lot of time is spent in your bathroom. Often it’s the first place you go after stepping out of bed each day and your last stop before snuggling up for the night. You use your bathroom to prepare with excitement for a big event,  just as much as you do to decompress after a long day with a soak in the tub. 

All that daily use adds up. You’ve likely already noticed how frequently toothpaste marks, mirror stains, dust, hair, and other messes accumulate in a bathroom; they easily wipe away, but the same isn’t true for all the other issues you encounter as your bathroom ages. Leaky faucets, old ventilation systems, cracked tiles, mold, and the like pose more permanent problems; even worse, they cause your bathroom to deteriorate further — unless you stop it. 

Fix the problems ailing your bathroom while simultaneously revamping the look and layout with remodeling. A bathroom remodel empowers you to make any improvements you can imagine in your bathroom. Start by reconfiguring space — maybe even expanding — then treat yourself to heated flooring, top-of-the-line shower spray fixtures, or other luxury features.

Frequently Asked Questions

You might be ready to remodel your bathroom, but still have a couple concerns. All homeowners do. That’s why Kraft Custom Construction believes in giving you the information you need to feel confident making the best bathroom remodeling decision for your home and family. Let’s cover the basics with three frequently asked bathroom remodeling questions. 

1. How Much Does Bathroom Remodeling in Salem, OR Cost? 

Imagine three homeowners in a room. They’re all planning a bathroom remodel. One is expanding; another is updating; the other wants their bathroom optimized for safety and comfort so they can age at home. Each homeowner wants something completely different out of their bathroom remodeling project. Not to mention, their homes and bathrooms vary vastly in age, size, and condition. 

For all these reasons, bathroom remodeling costs are individual to each homeowner. Still, you need at least a general cost estimate to go off of; and this Remodeling Cost Guide gives you a starting place. Use the guide to review cost ranges and descriptions for various types of full-service home remodeling projects in Salem, or read our blog on the subject.


2. How Long Does Bathroom Remodeling Take? 

The size and scale of bathroom remodeling largely determines how long the project will take to complete. A few weeks is enough for a minor remodel, but larger projects take a few months. Don’t worry about the ambiguity here too much. You will receive a complete timeline for your bathroom remodeling project once you begin working with Kraft as your Salem contractor. 

3. Is Bathroom Remodeling Worth It? 

The only person who can decide if bathroom remodeling is right for your home is you. Still, we’ve worked with enough homeowners to know the tell-tale signs of when it's time for a bathroom remodel. 

How to know you’re ready for bathroom remodeling:

  1. Your bathroom isn’t functional.
  2. It lacks storage, an intuitive layout, or other key considerations. 
  3. You’re concerned about safety. 
  4. You find your bathroom difficult or unenjoyable to use. 
  5. You see wear-and-tear or other signs of aging.
  6. It's an eyesore and embarrassing for when friends or family come to visit. 


Build a Better Bathroom

No matter what you set out to accomplish with your bathroom remodel, you’ll be amazed by the results you can achieve. Take this recent Salem bathroom remodel by Kraft Custom Construction, for example. Our clients wanted to maximize the limited space in their bathroom, so we reconfigured the layout for more efficiency. We also added more natural light, which creates the illusion of space by brightening the room. The overall result isn’t just a bathroom with a space-optimized layout; it’s a bathroom that feels bigger, brighter, and better with the high-end amenities to match. 

Our clients are thrilled. However, they weren’t surprised; they’re a repeat client with Kraft Custom Construction. We’ve worked with them on multiple projects, including remodeling a primary suite and converting a basement into a three-bedroom apartment.

These clients and others keep coming back for the Kraft Custom Construction experience. With us, bathroom or home remodeling is a smooth, straightforward process. Forty years of experience and a team of the best remodeling contractors in Salem, OR support you through the entirety of your home remodeling. You’re involved in each phase to ensure your needs, priorities, and ideas are top-of-mind from the moment we begin our consultation to the day construction wraps. You also get frequent project updates from our team, so you always know what’s going on with your home. With your input in the remodeling process, our team of designers, builders, and Salem contractors can transform your home. Learn more about what keeps our clients coming back and if you like what you see, contact us. Let’s reach your remodeling goals together.

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