Victorian-Era Porch Restoration

2017 | Albany, Oregon


For this Victorian-era home in the Albany historic district, it was essential for us to maintain historic design guidelines. This required a historic design review and approval by the Historic Landmarks Commission before we could start the project. Once approved, we replicated the existing porch design while removing the poor framing details supporting the porch. Almost everything out of view was in dangerous disrepair and required complete reconstruction. In addition to restoring the porch in accordance with historic design guidelines, we repaired the wood windows and installed matching storm windows. Our clients now enjoy the stunning curb appeal of their historic home and peace of mind knowing the structure is solid.

Funny Story: Halfway through this project, someone lost control of their vehicle as it headed in the direction of the home. Luckily, they regained control of their vehicle 4 feet from the project, avoiding a huge disaster!

Anderson Shirley Architects

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