Portland Bungalow Remodel

2016 | Portland, Oregon


When the homeowners of this old Craftsman purchased the home, it needed to be gutted and extensively remodeled due to years of neglect and poor fix jobs. We restored the living room and dining room with new plaster, baseboards and crown molding, and the whole kitchen was remodeled to include a breakfast nook. The master bathroom expansion featured a custom, handmade tile shower and new vanity, as well as custom cabinetry in the master bedroom to fit around the window casing. Many eco-friendly products and green-building practices were used throughout this remodel, such as Marmoleum flooring in several rooms. For added energy efficiency, old paneling was removed and new low-E windows were installed, leaky duct work was replaced, water-saving fixtures were put in place, and much of the demolished woodwork was recycled.

We restored this classic Portland bungalow back to the original design and architecture of its era, while providing a livable space for a young family to grow and enjoy for decades to come.

Anderson Shirley Architects

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